Islam Is Intolerant Terrorist Religion

Is Islam "intolerant terrorist religion"?  Just ask the widows of those men who have been beheaded by Muslims around the world.  Nevertheless, the beheading of "infidels" by Koran-believing Muslims is not a new thing.  The beheading of "infidels", (i.e. of Christians, Jews, and other non-Muslims), by Muslims has been widely practiced since the days of Mohammad who founded the religion of Islam.  In fact, the "become a Muslim or off with your head!" conversion method used by so many such Muslims over the centuries makes the phrase "Islam - Intolerant Terrorist Religion" a very good description of Islam.  To understand why Islam is such an intolerant terrorist religion, we me must look back at the history of both Islam and its founder, Mohammad.

Mohammad, who started the false-religion of "Islam" hundreds of years ago, worshipped a Pagan Moon God, (which explains the "crescent moon" symbol used by Muslims in their religion).  Mohammad made his living as a "highway bandit" by robbing passing caravans.  After robbing and killing countless victims, Mohammad decided to start a religion based on his Pagan moon worship.  Because Mohammad was such a notorious thief and murderer, Islam obviously did not denounce Mohammad's thievery and countless murders.  Instead, Mohammad had Islam glorify himself, making Mohammad out to be "God's Prophet".

Mohammad, however,  was more than just a thief and highway killer.  He was also a notorious pedophile, enjoying sex with many very young girls and teenagers.  If Mohammad was alive today and was not currently revered as "God's Prophet", he would obviously be put into prison in just about any country of the world, (including most "liberal" countries), for his long history of terrorist acts, murders, and sexually perverted crimes.  (Of course, there are many countries today that would quickly execute him for being a dangerous and violent sexual predator and murderer, evidenced by Mohammad's many "crimes against humanity".)  Mohammad's life of violent and gross sin is strongly condemned by the Bible, which condemns such wicked murders, thefts, and other sins.  The Bible says that Satan was also a murderer, just like Mohammad.  In fact, in committing such terrorist acts, Mohammad was just following in the footsteps of his father the Devil.

Because of its clearly Satanic origin, Islam vilifies by name both the Jews, the physical People of God, and Christians, the spiritual People of God.  The Koran, the so-called "Holy Book" of Islam, (which Mohammad derived from listening to demons), in fact actually commands the murder by beheading of both Jews and Christians.  (Koran: "Strike off their heads till ye have made a great slaughter among them." - Sura 47:4).  The strong anti-Semitism demonstrated by so many Muslims around the world can be therefore understood when you consider the demonically energized hatred of Jews by Mohammad, Islam's founder.  (By the way, Mohammad, like Hitler, personally ordered the mass murder of large numbers of Jews and Christians.)

Many so-called "Fundamentalist Muslims" believe what Mohammad said in his book, The Koran.  Because of their belief in The Koran, such true followers of Islam torture and kill Jews and Christians, according to the Koran's clear instruction to do so.  As an example of this, the 9/11 terrorists followed this Satanic order of Mohammad to commit such mass murder by plowing those jets into the two World Trade Center buildings and The Pentagon.  A few years ago, others also took the Koran seriously and so bombed the cities of Madrid and London.  Because of its sanctioning, (actually commanding), the murder of innocent "infidels", Islam is therefore a very dangerous "intolerant terrorist religion", bent on the beheading or otherwise murdering of all those who disagree with the Koran.

In contrast, "Fundamentalist Baptists" do not believe in violence and murder.  ("Fundamentalist Muslims" were recently referred to as such by Christian-hating members of the news media, who wanted to slander "Fundamentalist Baptists" and so labeled Koran-believing Muslims "Fundamentalists", (so as to make it look like Fundamentalist Baptists were somehow similar to those murdering Muslims.)

Fundamentalist Baptists believe that Jesus and the Bible always come first.  Jesus taught his followers to love others and to do good to those who do them evil.  Baptists in fact helped to start the whole concept of religious freedom, as demonstrated by the State of Rhode Island, in the United States.  This State was founded in part by Baptists who were promoting religious liberty.  In fact, the United States "Bill of Rights" was insisted upon by Rhode Island as a condition for its agreement to become a part of the United States.  (The Bill of Rights guarantees both "religious liberty" and "freedom of speech" in the United States.)

Because Islam is such an "intolerant terrorist religion", Muslims have murdered millions of Baptists and others over the centuries.  The "crime" of these Christians was their refusal to also become murdering Muslims.  For this "crime" they paid the ultimate price.  Some say that this is a "thing of the past", (that Muslims no longer behead or otherwise kill Baptists or other Christians).  Unfortunately, more Baptists and others within Christendom were murdered by Muslims during the twentieth century than by Muslims in all the centuries of Islam which preceded it.  (As an example of such murders, Muslims slaughtered millions of Armenian "Christians" during the Twentieth Century.)  Christians continue to be killed each year around the world, often tens of thousands or more each year for their "crime" of calling themselves Christians.

Fundamentalist Baptists are not like those murdering Muslims.  There is a reason that you never hear of Fundamentalist Baptists murdering anyone.  The reason for this is that Fundamentalist Baptists are kind and loving.  Such Fundamentalist Baptists want everyone to be saved so that they will not have to go to Hell when they die.  Fundamentalist Baptists persuade by logical and reasonable argument based on the Holy Bible.  In stark contrast, Muslims often "persuade" by a more "forceful" method - (i.e. "Become a Muslim or off with your head!")

If you are a Muslim, you do not need to die in your sins and go to Hell when you die.  Instead, Jesus can save you from your sins.  Click the link below to find out more about how you can become a loving Fundamentalist Baptist instead of a Muslim on the road to a Devil's Hell.

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